About WSWE

What Size Was Eve? began as a dream of mine in February of 2010 to write a book regarding my weight loss at the time. I thought it would be a good way to discuss the issue of weight loss. Since that time I have hopped on the weight gain roller coaster and for some time still thought the book would be something I would write when I “lose the weight.” Well, I stand here today, the heaviest I have ever been and I feel prompted to blog and go on this journey in real time! I believe God has called me and many others to rise up in this generation and make our mark!!!! Unfortunately, I, and I am sure many others are too distracted by this thing called “fat” to think about anything else. So I have decided to begin a blog where I will be transparent in my weight loss. I believe there will be lots of laughter, tears, falls and victories!

I know God is Mighty and HE goes before me….I look forward to experiencing and witnessing the freedom that will come through this season.


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